VoIP Consulting Services


RFP Creation and Management

Installing or switching to a Voice over IP based phone system can be a daunting process.  Should you install a premise-based server?  Go with a hosted solution?  Which phones should be used?  What features are needed?  Having a solid RFP (Request for Proposal) that is customized to your business needs is the best way to start sorting through all of the phone system providers and options available.

Pink-IP will consult with you to determine the full scope of your business needs, create a custom RFP, submit the RFP to qualifying VoIP providers, and then manage the responses and questions.  This proven process is the best and most efficient way to choose the provider who is the best fit for your company.


Installation and Migration

If you have already decided on a phone system vendor, but are unsure of the best way to implement the solution or migrate from your existing solution, Pink-IP can guide you through that process.  We will spend time to understand how you use your existing phone system, identify where business improvements can be made when switching to the new phone system, and design the installation or migration project by creating and achieving key milestones that fit your timeline.


Best Practice IVR Design

How do your calls flow into your company?  Do you miss calls?  Are you using the features of your phone system to provide the most efficient call routing?  Is your call center running at peak service levels?  All of these issues can be solved with good IVR design.

Pink-IP will listen to your business needs, evaluate your existing IVR, and recommend best practice improvements for increasing efficiency and ensuring that every call gets to the right place and is answered as quickly as possible.  As a former Director of Installations for a VoIP phone system provider, I have seen hundreds of phone system configurations, and I have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t.


SIP Security

Is your VoIP system secure?  Hackers are always finding new ways to compromise systems and breach networks.  If your SIP-based phone system is not secured, it can potentially be used to run up thousands of dollars worth of fraud calling on your dime.  A Pink-IP security audit can give you peace of mind knowing that your phone system is not going to be the source of a network breach or fraudulent charges.



One of the biggest challenges to implementing a new phone system is strong user adoption of new features.  Pink-IP will work with you to determine how your users and contact center agents should be best utilizing the technology available, and will design a training program that covers the most important topics to be conveyed to your staff.

Phone system training can be designed as an onsite, in-person course, a video tutorial series that can be used over and over, web-based and/or printed sheets to be used as reference material, or a combination of all of these.



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