FIBRE is a high-speed technology allowing business clients to access voice and data solutions from the Internet at 100 MB/s. FIBRE offers 100mbps with a low contention ratio of 10:1, managed 4:1, 2:1 and up to 1:1 with latencies of less than 175ms to London.

FIBRE supports both voice and data services in high capacity allowing for a number of bandwidth intensive business applications and connects your business with virtually instant access, highly cost effective internet solutions with unsurpassed VoIP quality in the market.

For the first time ever you are able to get international speeds with uncapped data at the best price in the market.



  • UNCAPPED bandwidth and managed to ensure the best user experience possible.
  • FUTURE proof technology to suite all your business communication needs.
  • ROBUST & reliable network with 99.7% uptime.
  • SECURE endpoints to reduce the risk of SIP hacking and service degradation.
  • NEXT GENERATION network support for VPN and MPLS needs.
  • HIGH capacity fail-safe connection able to sustain any concurrent call limit.
  • BEST for real time applications.
  • SIMPLIFIED solution for voice and data.
  • INSTALLATIONS managed and certified.
  • AVAILABLE in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.