Small or large businesses can all reap the benefits of Pink-IP. For many the change to VoIP solutions for your businesses is not a major transition either way it will be a transition that Pink-IP will facilitate from start to finish. The obvious features to utilizing VoIP for your business are cheaper calls, excellent call quality and an all in one solution for your voice and data but Pink-IP offers so much more. We will discuss your current call levels, large or small, and ensure your setup suits your business needs. 

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Small & medium business

Connect with your customers at the office, at home, or on the go. Pink-IP is here to help you succeed, and support you as you grow.


Pink-IP is trusted by government organizations and schools to deliver reliable, secure communication and amazing service.


Mid-market & enterprise

Access your enterprise communications, wherever you are. Pink-IP delivers the service and data needed to run your business.


Communicate seamlessly across and between campuses with Pink-IP's cloud phone service, online faxing, and more.

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